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2023 Q3 Medicare Annual Claims File Reports Available NOW!
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We are all about “Apples-to-Apples”.

In todays brave new world of value-based purchasing, our reports bring incredible insight to Medicare providers of all types. For home health agencies, we provide data as finely tuned or as expansive in scope as desired. How does your market share compare to your competitor down the street? Where are you “better” than your competitor? Where do YOU need to get better? What is your Value Proposition? 

There is a lot of healthcare data out there. Some of it is useful and some, well, not so much. What is sorely lacking for healthcare providers of all types is the ability to access same-source “apples-to-apples” transparent information that clearly defines the similarities and differences, the strengths and weaknesses if you will, between providers at the local, regional, and national levels. It’s the ability to discern even the most subtle cost and quality variance that can be the difference between success and, well, extreme challenge. That’s where we come in.

Our InfoMAX online, interactive tool allows subscribers to quickly access Medicare data and generate numerous reports on home health utilization, patient demographics, costs and revenues, census trends, rephospitalilzation rates, and much more for all agencies serving patients in a user-defined geographic area. Data can be used to quantify utilization, identify missed or neglected populations and referral sources, better predict staffing needs and cash flow, build profiles of competitors and potential partners, compare revenues and costs across agencies, identify aberrant data indicating potential fraud or abuse, and much more. Reports are available to hospice, home health, nursing facility, Accountable Care Organizations and hospital clients at very reasonable rates.

Our data base includes Medicare claims data from 2014 through the current Quarterly File available. Medicare Cost Reports are updated as available on a weekly basis. We also use US Census data as well as other relevant sources to extract meaningful, targeted results. All in all, our rich data repository contain over 50 Billion records. Let us focus on those that have relevance for you.

We are your partner in finding, using, and understanding information to improve home health use, access, and quality.

For home health providers, we make available carefully prepared and extensive reports derived from Medicare claims data and other national information sources (see the InfoMAX page) and other research and consulting services (see Products and Services page). For other inquiries or more information, please contact us.


Home Health Agency Analytics can be reached @ 719-209-1237.


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