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  1. InfoMAX Home Health Premier Report Flyer & Order Form: click here!
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  3. InfoMAX Home Health Cost Reports: Included in Premier Report subscription, or contact us for standalone purchase.


While Premier Reports and Physician Reports use the same InfoMAX platform, they are separate subscriptions.

Use InfoMAX to generate your own customized reports for your service area on home health utilization, payments and costs, patient demographics, and more! InfoMAX features instant online account access to the most currently available Medicare claims, Medicare Cost Reports, Census, and other information. (2014- 2018 annual data currently included.)

InfoMAX includes the most current available information from Medicare Claims and Cost Reports, Census Bureau, and other sources to inform your strategy, access, outreach, and research efforts.  InfoMAX begins with over 20 billion records to generate your custom reports -- mostly from Medicare Hospice, Hospital, Home Health Agency, Skilled Nursing Facility, and Outpatient claims; plus additional information from Medicare Cost Reports, Census records, etc.

  • To view a brief InfoMAX Hospice Premier Report video (similar to Home Health Premier)click here!


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  • HHA Premier Reports include 25-50 detailed report formats focused on utilization, market share, reimbursement, and more: 
  • HHA Physician Reports: With our Physician Reports, you don't need to go to the expense and hassle of implementing a complex CRM program. . . . You also don't need to settle for a hardcopy report with minimal information you can't mine! Our online report-generating tool will give you access to detailed information on referral-to-home health patterns for every physician in any area you define. You'll can learn which physicians are referring which patients to your program, to your competitors, or not at all. With this information at hand, you can prioritize marketing outreachfocus liaison staff time, and maximize your outreach resources.
  • Note: These are real reports using current information.


Subscription Information

  • HHA Premier Reports: ONLY $250 / county for a year's subscription - see order form for details. 
    Premier Reports include information on utilization, market share, cost report information, and much more for home health agencies. They also include general information about hospitals, hospices, and skilled nursing facilities.
  • HHA Physician Reports: ONLY $250 / county for a year's subscription - see order form for details. Physician Reports include detailed information on physicians, home health agency practice patterns, mean episodes / beneficiary, revenue, and much more!

Home Health Agency Analytics can be reached @ 719-209-1237.